Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Serene Princess Life

My serenely sleeping pooch, who is basically royalty.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt

No matter how many times I read this quote (thank you, Pinterest), I somehow still needed to read it.

What am I doing right now? I'm under my covers. My hair is in an unkempt ponytail and I am listening to an ethereal Odesza song in my stretchy pants, trying to nail what it means to be a princess. Okay, not a damsel-in-distress princess, but a serene, confident princess who gets important things done. I exercised today, does that kind of count? I think somehow it does.

Speaking of exercise, my yoga teacher a few years back in junior college totally knew what it meant to be a princess. She was both one of the most adorable and scary women I have encountered in my life. She was the kind of person who knew when to keep her cool and when to keep students in line with a firm word or two. I remember most her calm smile and soft voice (she never needed to be loud). Hair: chic and impeccable. She occasionally accentuated her yoga pants with a light pink cashmere sweater on the chillier days. I once overheard her talking about going to a nice restaurant with her friends to celebrate their birthdays simultaneously:

"Only one of us brought a tiara, so we just took turns wearing it," she said.

Life goals: to be my yoga teacher.

I think our culture is so fascinated with the princess concept because it's a concept of power.

It's acknowledging who you are and accepting it.
It's seeing what needs to be done and taking action.
It's being calm when you don't feel it.
It's trusting that everything is going to work out.
It's moving instead of being moved.

It also doesn't hurt to dress for the part.

Now, to find myself a tiara.

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