Saturday, January 30, 2016

Starting Again

"The chocolate coating makes it go down easier." - The Princess Bride

Hello readers! It's been a long time since I've posted here. A lot has changed: I transferred to a university, learned more things than I ever wanted to learn, got my degree, and got married (not necessarily in that order). The picture above is of Thomas and I celebrating our second Christmas as disgusting old married people (doing those disgusting old married things: weekend dates at Chipotle, using a GPS for everything and still getting hopelessly lost, quoting cheesy movies at every opportunity). After a huge hiatus, I'm ready to return to writing with some changes in mind.

I want this blog to be less "how to" and more "for you." Because let's be real, what works for me doesn't necessarily work for you. Sometimes we just want inspiration or a story to mull over before we get back to working, creating, and hopefully infusing our lives with meaning and beauty. To live fully and clear away the unnecessary: debt, past mistakes, feelings of inadequacy, ill-fitting jeans we can't make ourselves throw away.

Here's to replacing the unnecessary with what we need: more positive thinking, more books, more quality chocolate and spontaneous car rides. More challenging ourselves. More pants that fit. Or maybe no pants! Maybe more dresses, or walking around the house in our underwear. What do you need?

In the spirit of starting fresh and loving today, I made a quick list of the things I personally need right now:

1. A huge cup of black tea.
2. Not confusing people-pleasing with empathy (Gahh!).
3. Less clutter! Always less and less clutter.
4. A perfect lingerie drawer. Seriously. Bras that don't fit perfectly, are uncomfortable, or are old will be thrown out. Permission to buy myself new bras (with matching panties).
5. More challenges. What do I want to do with my life? Like you, I don't know, so let's try things.
6. More listening, but also more refusing being interrupted (Is it my quiet voice? Is it the dreaded Patriarchy? Who cares! It's annoying).
7. Exercise that I like. (Okay okay, I found it, but I need to actually stick to it).
8. Less high-maintenance beauty routines. That being said, I will still always spend too much time on eyebrow maintenance (Ah, the wonders of being pale with dark hair.)
9. Infinity hugs.
10. A new quotable movie!
11. Late-night talks with my sister, who of course is across the country (thank goodness she is visiting soon!).

What about you?

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