Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Accessory Planning

Accessories and jewelry pieces: those little things that make such a big difference to an outfit, yet they can be so expensive! I was browsing the internet and wasn't sure why any sane person would spend upwards of $35 on cheap metal earrings or plastic necklaces. I realized I was lacking a couple of colorful statement pieces, but was resolved to find them while still being able to afford textbooks. I have a four-part strategy to achieving accessory success:

1. Identify What You'll Actually Wear:
Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to accessories. I dislike most bracelets, and chunky statement necklaces don't always go with my simple style. However, I love dangly earrings so I focused on those. I also kept in mind that my ears hurt if earrings are too heavy, so I looked for big earrings made of light materials.

2. Look For Specific Colors:
Now that you know what to look for, create your own accessory color palette so you'll always have an accessory to pair with every outfit. The colors turquoise and coral look good on every skin tone, so I specifically looked for a pair of earrings in each color to pair with different outfits. I already owned big gold and silver earrings, so it wasn't necessary to buy repeats of those reliable colors.

Buy One Fun Piece:
If you can afford it, buy one piece that isn't part of your color strategy to add a little surprise to your style. The rule: you must love it! Maybe you'll find a cobalt blue patent leather belt, or a sparkly evening clutch... who knows!

4. Keep the Cost Down:
This really isn't difficult if you know where to go. There are lots of places that sell inexpensive statement pieces, including Target, Forever 21, and Charming Charlie. I had great success at Target; the earrings I bought there looked nice and did not irritate my ears. If I have $5-$10 off coupons, or if I need to add a cheap item to get free shipping online, I'll always look for sale accessories first because they make such a big difference to how I feel about my clothes.
Earring Tip: Do you have cheap earrings that you love, but that your ears can't stand? Coat the earring hooks or posts in clear nail polish, let it dry, and you're good to go! I've done this a lot with cheap earrings from Forever 21.

Hope this helps!