Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Good to Great: The Power of Details

 What takes an outfit from just okay to extraordinary? What is the difference between an ordinary item of clothing and a designer item of clothing? What makes a boutique shopping experience more memorable than a quick stop at Target?

The answer to this question is attention to detail.

The scarf you throw on before you run out the door will get your outfit compliments. A designer cardigan will have a thoughtful detail like a row of stunning buttons or an unusual ruffle. A special boutique will carefully select store perfumes, tissue paper, and pretty bags to send you home with a special memory (which makes us spend more money; just something to think about!). Details are very important.

If you want your outfits to be special and unique, pay attention to the little things:

1. Challenge yourself to wear an accessory every day
2. Consider changing out the buttons on a coat or cardigan to make it more interesting
3. Be diligent with painting your nails (I struggle with this one, I recently ran out of nail polish remover!)
4. Pay special attention to your shoes, they are one of the first things noticed in an outfit.

It took me a long time to understand the importance of details. Often they are the last thing we think about when we put an outfit together, but strangely they are the first thing noticed by strangers. When I receive a compliment it is always for an accessory; no one ever screams "Oh my gosh! I love your basic black blazer!" (although I would argue the basic black blazer is a very important foundation for your accessory).

The best part? Accessories are usually very inexpensive.