Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dresses and Creating Romance

Think about the following questions for a moment. Would you wear a cheap t-shirt and exercise pants on a first date? Do you celebrate birthdays in your pajamas? Do you want to get married in a pair of jeans? No, of course not. We recognize (hopefully) that special events require special clothes because clothing has the ultimate power of setting the mood of an occasion. What is truly astonishing is many of us do not realize the power our clothes have within our everyday life. For this reason I love to create romance in my life by wearing lovely dresses, skirts, long earrings, lipstick, and feminine shoes.

Next weekend I am going to visit Thomas at his college, whom I won't have seen for three long weeks. I am not going to show up wearing some cheap thing from Forever 21. I want to honor the occasion and create a special memory by wearing something beautiful, and although I might have to wear pants (everyone bicycles in Davis!), I will be very careful to keep the outfit romantic.

The fail-proof way to create romance is to just throw on a dress, but not a poorly made, ill-fitting dress. I chose three of my favorite dresses (found all heavily discounted) to show you. One dress used to be $98, marked down to $20, and the other two were about $200 each, marked down to $50 and $18. These are dresses soaked in romance; I think of them as fairy dresses because they are so lovely and unique. These are dresses to be proposed in, dresses to read Jane Austen novels in under a shady tree, and dresses to meet life-changing friends in.

 I found the dress above at Banana Republic on sale for $18. I kept wanting to put a belt around it, but my mom convinced me it didn't need one because the fabric is so delicate and graceful. She was right. To balance out the flowing of the dress I put my hair up and wore my delicate snakeskin sandals.

  I found the orange dress at Marshalls for $20. It is so comfortable, and I love how the unique detailing around the waist emphasizes my figure. I paired it with a cardigan of the opposite color to give the outfit pop. My friend gave me the pretty necklace, thank you, Sarah!

This is my favorite dress. I believe it's by Free People (I'm wearing it while I type this blog, so I am not going to check the tag!). I found it on sale for about $50 at Macy's a few years ago, and I was able to choose it for a Christmas present from my Grandpa. Thank goodness, because I was a cashless wonder, as my mother would say. It is incredibly romantic and lacy. The crystal beading around the neck allows me to forget a necklace. I'm wearing my Born wedges, and my free trade earrings. 

I hope this post inspired you to create a little romance in your wardrobe! I must thank my dearest Dad for taking all these pictures of me today, even though he was trying to watch football and make pancakes. I love you, Dad!

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