Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coupons, Coin Jar, and The Little White Dress

If you go to a dance, you will probably see many black dresses. Don't get me wrong, black is great, but white is fabulous too. You will be sure to stand out!

I was in the mood to go shopping (deadly!), so instead of taking money out of my paycheck, I took my coin jar down to my local Coinstar and traded the coins in for a Gap card. I could have traded the coins in for cash, but if I do this I have to give Coinstar a percentage of my coins, so I always choose a gift-card instead. I went down to Gap on Wednesday because they usually have additional clearance sales on this day, and I found a gorgeous, white strapless dress that can be worn for many occasions (the dress came with optional straps too, perfect!). With the extra 40%-off sale, the dress came out to about $20, which is amazing for the quality of the dress and the many ways it can be worn.

Never ever settle for a cheap dress. You could have taken the same twenty dollars and bought a cheap, thin cotton dress that will wrinkle and become worn-out looking quickly (not to mention, most cheap dresses tend to cling to the skin in the wrong places). I buy one or two dresses every summer, and now I have a beautiful collection of dresses in my wardrobe that will last a long time because I waited for quality. I can always find a nice dress for about $15 or $20 at Gap and other places.

That's not all that happened this week, I also found a free pair of sterling silver and cubic zirconia stud earrings with a coupon. I waited for the ten-dollar Kohls card to come in the mail, and I found these earrings on sale, so I walked away with this beautiful pair without spending a single penny. I lost my other silver stud earrings, so I'll be wearing these lovely earrings all the time! 

Also, this weekend Bath & Body Works is giving out a coupon through your email so you can walk into the store and get a little bottle of lotion for free. Today is the last day the coupon is good for, so my sister and I will be heading over to the mall to use our coupons. Maybe we'll see you there! 


Rachel <3

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