Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Treasures

If you've owned a piece for a long time, it doesn't necessarily mean you should get rid of it (unless it is really old, ugly, and falling apart). If you're tired of something, put it in a seasonal box underneath your bed for a while, and then pull it out later and surprise yourself. Sometimes when fashion changes you can look at your old pieces in a new light. You might have to tweak something a little to make it work for you. Last week I found a black blazer in my closet I had never really worn before because it felt stuffy. I snipped the shoulder pads off, rolled up the sleeves, and placed a feather brooch on the front to customize it; now I wear it all the time.

Today I wore the vintage style purse shown in the picture above. A few years ago embroidered and beaded vintage purses were "all the rage." At the time, Target came out with a line of vintage style purses and I found this one for about ten dollars online. I've had it for about five or six years now. It's tiny and beautiful, and I love how inexpensive it was for something so unique. I didn't get rid of it when I got bored with it, I just put it away for a couple of years and pulled it out later when I needed some "new" accessories.

Go find some of your old treasures and enjoy them!

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