Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life Style: 5 Dollar Dates

My friend, Abby, had a really great idea for a post. She lives in LA where there are lots of fun places to spend money, but when she goes out with a good friend they each take only five dollars with them and are limited to spending that amount for the whole day. She has a great time with her friends (usually she will go out for yogurt or ice cream), and it's proof that you don't have to spend much to have a good time. You could even go clothes shopping with five dollars; I can't tell you how many great purchases I've made from clearance racks with less than that.

I loved this idea because the focus is not on shopping or buying expensive food, it's about having a good time with a friend. It's amazing the things you can find for good prices if you limit yourself to spending a small amount of money. Another great thing about only taking five dollars with you (I dare you to try five dollars for two people), is that your social time becomes an adventure. You are less willing to part with the money because you are motivated to find the best deal possible (when it's gone, it's gone!), and you have a greater sense of satisfaction from your purchase because you know you spent your money wisely. It can even inspire you to try new things. Also, you might find that a smaller size of something you would normally buy satisfies you. Last night I discovered that the child's hot chocolate from Starbucks is the perfect size for me; I get that delicious hot chocolate and whipped cream taste, but not too much so that I feel tired or bored of the drink. Did I mention it's cheaper?!


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