Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Look Put-Together

Maybe you already have a closet full of dependable basic items and you still feel frumpy when you throw on outfits in the morning. What are some easy ways to make your style interesting?

1. Replace Your Sneakers with Cute Shoes:
Okay, some sneakers can be cute, but seriously, hiking boots? Exercise shoes? UGGS?! If you don't believe me, picture yourself in your favorite pair of dark-blue jeans and a white t-shirt. First, imagine yourself wearing exercise shoes with this ensemble. Then, picture yourself wearing black, high-heeled shoes. Now do you understand? I'm not saying you have to buy crazy, uncomfortable shoes, but please, don't disrespect yourself with poor shoe choices. Good shoes are an investment. You can find well-made flats, low heels, boots, and slip-ons that are both cute and comfortable. Put those hiking boots back on the shelf, unless you promise yourself you will only use them for outdoor excursions.

2. Replace Your Hoodies with Cardigans
First of all, I love hoodies. There is something very comforting about finding the perfect hoodie and every girl should have one to relax in on the weekends. However, did you notice the word I chose to describe hoodies? Comforting. Hoodies are comfort clothes and you will look more put-together if you stay away from wearing them too often. The exception to this is when you find an unusual hoodie that looks more dressed up, or if you wear a hoodie as a second layer underneath a nice jacket. Other than this, stick to cardigans for everyday wear. They are just as comfortable and come in many styles and colors.

3. Wear Your Accessories
Many women have accessories they never remember to wear. If you have time, organize your jewelry, scarves, handbags, belts and hats. Give away the accessories you don't like, and experiment with the ones you have left. Accessories have the power to take an outfit from "boring" to "exceptional." If you pair cheap accessories with good quality basics and a designer handbag, no one will know you only spent $1 on that bracelet. Unless you blog about it, of course.


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