Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carmel Sunday Outfit #5

Don't be afraid to wear bright, warm colors. You can always tone down the brightness with darker pieces if you feel like a neon road sign.

I may have mentioned my love for poofy little skirts. They are so feminine and pretty! Full skirts do wonders for those of us out there who want to pretend we have hips, because they balance out a lack of curves. They also look amazing on curvy women as well, so you can't go wrong.

I like to check Aeropostale's clearance rack every once in a while for my cute little summer skirts. I found this one there for $13, and the polka-dot skirt I wore in a previous blog was on sale for $10. The weather is finally starting to warm up so I have been wearing them frequently and have been loving every moment.


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