Friday, June 8, 2012

2 Years

At the end of this month Thomas and I will be celebrating our second year of being a couple. I am extremely blessed to have been dating this amazing young man; he is so patient, sweet, and admirable. Just in time for our anniversary, Julie Pieracci took some beautiful pictures of us! If you are interested in hiring her for a photo-shoot, here is her website:

For our first outfits, we went for a casual-country look (I even sat on top of a horse!), and then we dressed up in black and white for the second half of the shoot. I found my black and white dress on sale at a secondhand store for $5! I love this dress because I can throw it into a suitcase for a summer getaway and pull it out wrinkle-free. It's a very comfortable, versatile dress that can be dressed up or down. I'm also wearing the red lipstick I bought for $2 (after using a great coupon), and a pair of black heels from Payless Shoes I found years ago (they have seen the floors of many high school dances). Black heels are a good investment for any wardrobe.

Below I posted some of my favorites of the pictures that Julie took: 

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