Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turn a Vintage Handkerchief Into a Lavender Sachet

I found a beautiful vintage lace handkerchief in one of my old purses, but it had a small stain on it so I decided to be creative. I cut off the ruined part and turned it into a lavender sachet to put in my clothing drawer. To make one you will need a handkerchief, scissors, thread, a needle, pins, and dried lavender (also cute ribbon, buttons, or beads if you want to decorate it).

I cut off the square corners of lace to make a cross shape, and then cut off two sides to make a rectangle that could be folded over to make the sachet.

(I managed to cut off the stained part of the lace in the second step!) I moved the smaller pieces of lace to the side, and then folded the large rectangle of fabric in half so the two sides of lace were touching each other. If you wanted to decorate, embroider or sew things to the fabric now would be the best time before you make the bag. 

I sewed two sides, the left and the right, to make a little bag. Make sure your stitches are small so the lavender does not fall through. Use pins if you need to. I did not have to sew the bottom because the fabric was folded over, and I did not sew the lace together at the top because I needed to leave an opening for the lavender.

I then turned the bag inside out and used a thick embroidery thread to sew a drawstring around the top of the bag just underneath the lace. You can use larger stitches for this part. The plan is to pull the drawstring closed after you put the lavender inside to make a little sachet.

I became very involved in this project and forgot to decorate the fabric before I turned it into the bag, so I added my decorations afterwards. It was a little trickier but I didn't have too much trouble. I sewed two of the lace corners I had cut off earlier to each side of the bag. You can use white thread if you don't want your stitches to show. I personally enjoyed the coral embroidery thread with the lace.

When you are ready, put the dried lavender into the bag. I used a spoon to shovel it in.

I pulled the drawstring tight, knotted it, cut off the extra thread, tied a sweet ribbon around the top, and sewed on a cute little button to finish off the bow. Place in a clothing drawer or give the lavender sachet as a gift.

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