Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Carmel Outfit #2

Following my personal challenge of finding a new Carmel-worthy outfit every week, I came up with this comfortable ensemble. I love cross-body purses because they make it easier to walk along the beach or carry a hot-chocolate from my favorite bakery.

Most expensive items:
Coach purse- gift
$40 blue leather heels- Easy Spirit Outlet

In-between items:
$20 high-waist jeans- Banana Republic Outlet
$15 scarf- Target

Least expensive items:
$6 sunglasses- Forever 21
$3 white shirt- Savers

This pattern of spending the most on a purse and shoes is the system that works best for me. I wear my purses and shoes very often so it makes sense for me to spend a little more and own good quality brands. Everything else I can find at heavily discounted prices. I don't usually spend anywhere near fifteen dollars on one non-purse accessory, but I loved the scarf and I knew I would wear it often. 

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