Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Personalized Cork-Board

Cork-boards are flexible art frames. I appreciate how easy it is to pin my favorite post-cards, quotes and accessories onto my board without leaving holes behind in the stucco. You might already have one of these boards in your house (covered in random telephone numbers and old notes) that is just waiting to be transformed. If you want to turn a cork-board into a personalized work of art there are some guidelines to consider.

1. Find a cork-board with a black or white border. Have you noticed how a painting often looks more beautiful in a frame? The same concept works with a bordered cork-board. The board will look more "dressed up" and the items you choose to pin to the board will have more importance. 

2. Only pin things onto the board that make you happy. It can be anything you want. A few of my favorite choices are a pair of vintage lace gloves, a big velvet bow, and a vibrant blue and white polka-dotted business card that caught my eye in a boutique located in Carmel-by-the-Sea (I couldn't afford anything else in the store!). I even saved my last leopard-print "thank-you" card to put on the board because I loved the pattern so much.

3. Find some cute pins to compliment the theme you are going for. I have black and white pins to match everything.

4. Never, ever pin work-related telephone numbers, frantic reminders, and old addresses of the one person you meant to write a letter to but never really had time. That's what your planner and address book are for. Your new cork-board is a work of art that is there to inspire you and make you smile. 

5. Don't cram too many things onto the board, leave some space so you can appreciate each object.

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