Sunday, May 13, 2012

Location Inspiration

What is location inspiration? 
Location inspiration is a theory I have about style. I think we all have a location in mind when we think about the ideal outfit, be it the coffee shop in Paris, the beach in Miami, the flowery countryside, or the artsy farmer's market on the other side of town. The architecture, people, and moods of certain places can heavily influence the way we dress.

What does your location inspiration say about you? Does it say "The Streets of New York" or does it say "The Gym"?

One of my favorite places to dress for is Carmel-by-the-Sea. The fun part about this place? You can pretend you are snobby and rich, cool and artsy, or you can pretend you are a frumpy tourist fresh off the beach. Pretending to be a tourist gets old fast, so every week I like to make a game of seeing how many nice outfits I can make that are "Carmel-Worthy." This is a great exercise because it forces me to be creative with what I already have, and often I will find a new way to wear something, which is the ultimate way to save money. My best outfits include my classic pieces paired with both cheap and "expensive" accessories. The expensive-looking accessories make the rest of my outfit look put-together, and in this outfit I can get away with five-dollar sunglasses and chunky plastic jewelry.

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