Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Less is More: Part 2

Know Where to Put Your Money

This is where your creativity comes in. A frugal fashionista has a mix of differently priced items in her closet. While this woman can find almost everything on sale, she also has a small collection of designer pieces that are on heavy rotation year-round. In her book Savvy Chic, Anna Johnson put it this way:

My wardrobe is about ninety-percent vintage and select (ethical trade) el cheapo glamour, and a precious handful of items that are the real thing. Basically I fake everything except the handbag, the coat, and the shades.

I spend the most on my purse. A well-made purse can be worn with every outfit, it adds instant class, and if I take care of my bag it will last many years.

I spend the least on non-purse accessories and shirts. I can find a cute shirt from anywhere between 30 cents to five dollars using coupons at thrift stores and shopping the clearance sections. When I'm bored with my clothes I will look for a new accessory or shirt because I don't have to spend very much. Since I already own nice basic pieces and shoes, it is inexpenive for me to update my closet with a new scarf or pretty tank top. You will be able to develop your own budget-strategy as time goes by based on your style.

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