Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flip-flop Philosophy

Warmer weather is here! If you can afford it, I propose purchasing a pair of leather flip-flops or sandals if you don't already own a pair. You can find a nice pair for about $20 to $40 at Marshalls. My favorite shoe brand the store carries is Born. The shoes are good quality and cute (check out styles here:, and the shoe I am wearing below is extremely comfortable. You might be surprised at this piece of advice when you consider the money-saving purpose of this blog. "Ha!" you sneer gleefully, "I could buy eight pairs of rubber flip-flops with that money, in different colors!"
You could, but one good-quality pair of shoes is more practical in the long run if your feet have stopped growing.

If your goal is style, cheap rubber flip-flops are to be worn only at the beach and in the community showers at the YMCA. Andy Paige, author of Style on a Shoestring, put it this way: "One of the fastest ways to change your look is to change your shoes." Rubber flip-flops usually make your outfits look too casual, and even if you manage to pull off this look you will always look better in a leather pair. Also, flip-flops made of cheap materials do not have adequate arch support.

I bought my leather flip-flops six years ago. I wear them often and they still look cute. The same probably can't be said for a pair of old, cheap flip-flops. Leather ages well and can add an effortless style to your summer outfit. You will save money (and your style) each year because you won't need to buy a new pair for a very long time.

                                                               (Favorite Born shoes)


  1. I love this brand! They have wedges and sandals that are to die for and you can rock them for hours and last years! Macy's carries the brand too so watch for them in the clearance!

    1. That is excellent advice! I know, I can wear my pink flower wedges for a long time, it's wonderful to have a fun AND comfortable pair to go to.