Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Flower Presentation

Chivalry is not dead! I am suffering from a nasty sore throat and was surprised with flowers this morning.

But now to leave romantic sighing aside and answer the practical question:

When a charming young man comes to your door dressed in his best blazer with a bouquet, what kind of vase do you put the flowers in?

After trimming the ends of the flowers to freshen them up and make them short enough to fit in a vase, I found a beautiful creamy-white jug in the back of a cupboard (Thanks, Mom!). Not only does a classic jug have great sculptural quality and charming personality, the creamy color makes an appropriate backdrop for vibrant flowers and would suit any room color. You can group other objects around the jug to make a personalized arrangement, but keep it simple. You want the focus to be on the lovely blooms.