Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4 Classic, Inexpensive Style-Boosters

If you had twenty dollars and wanted to update your wardrobe, what would you buy? I made a list of four inexpensive style-boosters that I could wear often to create elegance.

Total Spent: ~17.00

Item 1: Find New Shades
My old sunglasses are great in a pinch, but I wanted a pair that was more playful. I found this pair at Forever21 for $5.80.

Item 2: Buy a Basic
I am a jeans girl. I had too many pairs of pants and not a single classic pencil skirt or sheath dress. When I wear my new black and white pencil skirt I find myself pairing it with accessories I was never able to wear before because I didn't have a clean enough line to work with. I purchased this fun skirt at a secondhand store for $8.00 (looks brand new!)

Item 3: Find Your Lipstick
I used to hate the idea of wearing lipstick (I thought it would look awful on me), but lately I have been wearing it after realizing the difference it can make to an outfit. As long as I wear a bright lipstick with minimal, natural looking eye make-up it creates powerful style. I bought this red lipstick at Kohls; originally it is $12 but I used a $10 coupon and took home the rich color for $2.

Item 4: Try Something New
My friend told me about an inexpensive eyeliner that she likes to wear. She has brown eyes like me and was wearing a teal eyeliner. I had never worn this color on my eyes before, but I was willing to take a risk. I found this e.l.f. eyeliner at target for $1. It even comes with a sharpener.


  1. Love the skirt!! What thrift store??

  2. Thanks! I found it at Savers! The brand is Banana Republic.